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Stupid fracking smoke detector - Catastrophe

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February 23rd, 2008

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11:11 pm - Stupid fracking smoke detector
I deeply hate the people who made my smoke detector. When the battery is getting low, it makes this intermittent LOUD, High Pitched Squeaking noise. Image the sound of a rubber shoe squeaking on a gym floor and magnify it by about 100 - that's the noise.

This noise never begins going off at a decent time - say, in the afternoon or early evening. NOOOO. It always starts after 11pm - and well before 6am.

Iff you truly and deeply hate the noise, you can't just take the battery out and it permanently shut-up. No, it's hard-wired into the house's electricity. So the damn thing somehow sucks the battery even though it's on house power. You have no option but to listen to his horrible high-pitched squeal whenever it wants a new battery.

Of course, it's so high on the ceiling you can't even reach it just by standing on a chair. Noooo. You have to go out and get the damn ladder from the garage. The evil device also runs on a 9 volt - which is one of TWO devices in my whole house that use the blasted things. Better hope you were smart at some point in the past and bought an emergency supply of them, since there's no sleeping once the noise starts and you'll be making a late-night trip to wal-mart or safeway for batteries if you don't have them on-hand.

Now, I realize this device is there to keep me from getting burned alive. But really, why does its warning device have to be so bloody shrill. Couldn't it just use a blinking light. If I want to wait until tomorrow morning to go to the store for batteries (given that the risk this is the ONE night my house will catch on fire is infinitesimally small - but not one in 1,000, Mr. Prachett) it should be my option to take this "gamble."

So for all the nights (there have been at least 4 since I bought this house) that you have screwed up my sleep, I saw SCREW YOU to the people who made this horrible thing. I hope your alarm clocks get possessed by demons and start waking you up every 15 minutes for the next year, and will continue to do so even after you have unplugged them from the wall. ARGH!
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Date:February 27th, 2008 05:49 am (UTC)
...Don't hate the maker, hate the people that made it be there.;p

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